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Restoring a Vintage 90's Model One Horse Trailer

The Dark Horse Metal Works team had the privilege of restoring a vintage horse trailer back to life. Our team completed a full restoration on this 90's model one horse trailer. It went from rust-bucket to work-ready. Our team oversaw and organized the project from paper to paint. It is now better than new and was more affordable than buying a newer model that frankly are just not built the same these days. Here's to another 30 years of work ahead!

From Rust to Restored - Before

The trailer came to us in rough condition. It was rusted out and in desperate need of our love and care to be able to get her ready to work again. But we love taking these vintage classic horse trailers and getting them back to their original if not better condition than where it started.

Let The Trailer Restoration Begin

Check out the Dark Horse Metal Works Welding & Custom Fabrication Team getting to work, restoring and rebuilding the vintage 90's model one horse trailer at the welding shop in Granbury, TX.

A Dark Horse Metal Works welder working in the Granbury, TX welding shop restoring a one horse trailer with new paneling.

Sending The Trailer Off To Be Powder Coated

Vintage one horse trailer rebuilt and prepared to be sent for powder coating paint where it will be repainted in its original white color.

Final Reveal - Vintage 90's Model One Horse Trailer Restoration

Complete with a beautiful white powder coated paint job and durable, high quality, made in the USA Shelby Trailer Flooring.

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