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Refurbishing a Vintage 1988 Easley Horse Trailer

Introducing the Build

Dark Horse Metal Works has worked on a lot of vintage Easley trailers over the years, so we thought we would take you along for the ride on this build as we bring this old girl back to her best working days! Easley trailers are built locally in Anson, TX, and are the creme de la creme of horse trailers. This one was certainly deserving of being brought back to life. These trailers are the Cadillac of cowboy trailers. If you own one of these, keep it. Especially if it has been in your family for an extended time. They can provide both sentimental and monetary value. These trailers when built right can be refurbished to be even better than buying brand new. A lot of us here in the big country can appreciate a vintage trailer of this nature.

From Rust Bucket to a Dashing Work Horse of a Trailer

While the project in and of itself was extensive, these trailers are worth it. These types of trailers are built to last, and this one has been working for 32 years before coming through our doors, with hopes, after we are done with it, that it will go on for 32+ more years.

Building the New Frame & Structure

As you can see from the video above, we took the frame out from under the trailer and put a brand new one underneath, giving this trailer brand new bones all the way around. We did a lot of reworking the overall structure of this trailer to make sure it was safe and structural sound to do its job. Doing this allowed us to rid the rust damage and rotting acquired on the old frame. While it was extensive in repairs, in the end this trailer is basically brand new with the look of a classic!

Bringing a Vintage Trailer Back to Work

See the progress in the video above, Bob gives a tour of the structure, latches, doors, etc. that were redone to bring this trailer back to life before she was sent to paint. With a trailer like this, it is often just as cost effective to have it refurbished than to buy brand new. There's a lot of history in a trailer like this. Built brand new in Anson, TX in 1988 and will be refurbished here in Granbury, TX when all said in done.

Tour The Trailer Before It Leaves for Paint

She's Back From Paint (Click arrows to see more photos

Time for Wiring

American Made Flooring

We worked with Shelby Trailer Flooring on this project. It was important to us to make sure the flooring that went into this trailer was durable and the best quality. However, it was equally as important that the parts and components we used were 100% American made. We couldn't have been more satisfied than we were with Shelby. We highly recommend their products which are proudly made and manufactured right here in the United States.

Earning Her Stripes

The final touches on this vintage Easley trailer was sending her off to get pin stripes. This actually delayed the project because of the COVID-19 pandemic, bit it was well worth the wait. We believe details like this are what set us apart and make our work superior. It truly brought it to life. She now looks like a polished piece of 20th century cowboy history!

In The End...

If you have a trailer that's in need of either small repairs or a complete refurbishing, Dark Horse Metal Works can help. Every project is a custom fabrication and requires a free consultation to fully understand the extent of your needs.

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