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Custom Fabrication

When you require a unique customization project or specialized repair needs, whether it be for an industrial, commercial, or residential metal welding project, our custom fabrication services assist in design and production. Dark Horse Metal Works can work at every stage of your project's development process.

Full-Service Custom Fabrication

From designing and conceptualization of design or analyzing your exact product need. Building and bringing your concept to life or constructing the project and product. Finishing services like post-production grinding, bolting, binding, painting, etc. And assembling any parts or components. Our team is equipped to help you from start to finish.

Man Welding

Dark Horse Difference

First and foremost, Dark Horse Metal Works’ welders are local business owners, serving and supporting the local Granbury and surrounding communities. And much like any welding shop on the block, we can serve a wide range of your welding needs. But, Dark Horse differentiates in two important ways.



We look at your welding project from both a big picture point of view and the immediate need. From a novice eye, you may see a quick fix, but our experienced welders can help you make sure that your quick fix will never turn into a longer-term problem. This type of care builds credibility in our relationship when working on your projects.



We treat our clients with a level of respect and customer service that allows you to build trust with our company and our people. Welding is a service and without people, there is no one to serve. So, we put a high value on our customers. We treat them like family and invest in building a strong trusting relationship between client and welder.