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Material Handling Supplies & Equipment we CAN build & Customize FOR YOU

This is just a small list of the more common material handling equipment & supplies we can help customize for you. Please inquire for more.

Specialized Metal Platforms

Customized Carts & Trucks

Conveyor Parts and Components

Truck & Dock Equipment Needs

Forklift Attachments & Enhancements

Hand Trucks & Dollies

Hoists & Cranes

Aluminum & Steele Ladders

Logging Equipment & Tools

Machinery Guards & Safety Rails

Specialized Metal Pallets

Wire Mesh Partitions & Fencing

And so much more

Yellow railings in an industrial warehouse
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Material Handling Supplies & Equipment

Customization is our specialty. Allow us to outfit your warehouse facility or operation with the custom-built material handling supplies and equipment you need. When your operation doesn’t fit a one size fits all solution we can help you customize and adapt your warehouse or facility so you can operate as effectively and efficiently as possible. Dark Horse Metal Works has the knowledge and expertise to help you with your custom material handling supplies and equipment solution needs.

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