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Components & Parts Being Cut on CNC Machine


Our CNC machine on-site at our Granbury, TX shop is capable of running for a vast array of metal cutting projects. Industrial, commercial and residential type metal cutting needs. This is a versatile machine that allows us to quickly fabricate the precise, quality parts, components, and other projects needs.

About our CNC Machine

Our table holds a 5’ x 10’ sheet of metal. It cuts any grade of steel, aluminum, stainless, copper, and brass. The cutter can clean cut steel up 3/4” thick and sever 1” plate. This type of capacity opens up the possibilities for you and your needs. We are diverse in our fabricating abilities and can craft just about anything from more creative custom pieces to mass-produced industrial metal parts. This machine is powerful and can help with just about any metal part or product needed in residential, industrial or commercial projects.

Commercial & Industrial Parts

Our CNC equipment combined with our professional designer can collaborate with you to produce perfect parts, components, products, prototypes and anything metal needed for your operation. We understand the specificity of the metal parts you need and make sure every intricate detail is considered. A Dark Horse Metal Works team member can talk to you in more detail about serving your specific needs.

TCB letter cuts on the CNC plasma cutting table in the Dark Horse Metal Works welding shop in Granbury


  • $95 Design Fee –Only applied based on parts needed

  • Steel cost are in-house pricing based on market price.

  • CNC rate per material cut:

    • ¼ inch and under is $0.10 per pierce and $0.15 per inch of cut.

    • 3/8 inch is $0.10 per pierce and $0.20 per inch of cut.

    • ½ inch is $0.15 per pierce and $0.25 per inch of cut.

    • ¾ inch is $0.25 per pierce and $0.35 per inch of cut.

    • 1.0 inch is $0.40 per pierce and $0.50 per inch of cut.

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