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Custom Fabricated Horse Stanchion & Vet Stock for Ranchers

The Dark Horse Metal Works horse stanchion evolved over four decades of working in the rodeo and ranching industry. After many years of witnessing what works and what doesn’t, we took every detail to customize a stanchion built on that knowledge and experience. This vet stock has 12 gates or openings equipped with a slam or spring latches, strategically built in so you can work safely and efficiently. The functionality and durability are of the highest quality of their kind. When working on your horses, trust that you are working with the best equipment, and giving the best care.


What is a Horse Stanchion?

If you’re reading this out of interest and are not familiar with the livestock or rough stock world, a horse stanchion also called a vet stock. It is a supportive frame or barrier that allows you to work and care for your livestock in a safe environment. The Dark Horse stanchion is built with that intended purpose. You can vaccinate, tend to injuries, provide check-ups, or any other need. You can do so in a safe environment for both you and your horse.


Stanchion Sides

On each side, there are four drop gates to be able to access the animal from every angle. For example, use the bottom drop gate to make footwork convenient or the top front gate can be used when accessing the head. Keeping both you and the animal in a safe environment.

Then, each side will swing open entirely, just like your squeeze chutes, in case something goes down, gets stuck, etc. The side swing gates can be positioned in either direction that you prefer. Dump the animal head first or on the back end. Each stanchion can be customized for you and the safety of your animal.


Stanchion Front, Back, & Bottom

Both front & back have spring latched sliding gates and greased pipe hinges for smooth open and close functionality. The bottom track on the gates is reinforced, locked in a double roller system for a clean, functional design. The back gate and flooring is made of Shelby plank boards with grooves for good traction. It is double-reinforced to prevent being kicked out.

Rumbar rubber flooring with grooves for traction in the horse stanchio

Dark Horse Metal Works custom fabricated metal horse stanchio


This stanchion is completely portable and can be pinned into any preferred panel. We use Priefert panels, it’s a great panel that we trust and have used for many years in the rodeo world. Stanchions will pin directly into the panel so you can build yourself alleys or anything else you need, wherever you need it.

Finishing Touches

Customize yours in any color to match alleys or panels for a clean cohesive finish. Our projects that require powder coating are done in Granbury, TX. We collaborate and support other small local businesses in our community whenever possible.

Dark Horse Metal Works' custom fabricated metal horse stanchion inside the welding shop in Granbury


Dark Horse in the Ranching Business

Our team’s combined experience in the ranch and rodeo industry is upwards of 200 years. Our knowledge and understanding of ranch operations can help you find solutions to any livestock logistics or handling solution. Contact us today to speak with one of our master welders and professional custom fabricators for your metal project or repair needs.

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