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Custom Signs

Have an idea for a personalized metal sign? Need to make your business stand out? Whether you are looking for something personal or want to create a business branded masterpiece we can help. Our CNC laser cutting machine and skilled designer collaborate to bring your project vision to life. Request a quote for a custom metal sign project or continue scrolling for additional details on what you need to consider when getting started.

Getting Started on Your Custom Sign

To help satisfy our customers we like to take a holistic approach with each project. When we have a complete picture of things like the intended use, location, colors, size, etc. we can help you with designing custom pieces that fit perfectly where you need them. Consider the following information when discussing your project:

  1. Indoor or outdoor use? 

  2. Size specs & boundaries

  3. What will this mount on?

  4. Paint or powder coating?

  5. Single or multi-layers?

  6. Will this get mounted to a flat surface or a standoff mount?

  7. 16 gauge mild steel is the standard material used. Will you need anything different?

metal testure.png

General Pricing Guidelines

  •  $75 per linear foot for a single layer sign.

  • Each additional layer adds $25 per linear foot.

  • Price is for bare steel (clear coated) or gloss black.  (Inquire for color availability.)

  • Powder coating is an option.

  • One time design fee of $95 for custom orders.

*Please note: these are just guidelines. We quote prices on a project-by-project basis due to everyone's individual needs. Please inquire about pricing related to custom business signage.

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