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Custom Fabricating a Replacement Turntable on an Enclosed Media Blaster

A local machine shop came to us to fabricate a replacement turntable for an enclosed media blaster.

Deteriorated Turntable

The original turntable was made from mild steel place and light bar grating and had been eaten through due to constant use. Knowing this information and understanding the full scope of the client’s needs we considered a plan to avoid this same fate for the replacement turntable and allow for some longevity. When a small business loses the operation of a major tool or machine it has a rippling impact. So, we knew it was important to not only provide the customer with a high-quality replacement, but we needed to make sure it was a high priority. As a small local business, we understand the importance of needing your equipment to operate efficiently.

Building The Replacement

We decided to build the replacement component from a material called Hardox®. Hardox® wear plate is the world's leading abrasion-resistant steel. It is the perfect material to use for a machine of this sort. Its ability to withstand the extreme abrasion that occurs during the media blasting process makes it ideal. The client will not have to worry about deterioration, providing the machine shop operation with many hours of use.

The grating component was replaced with a heavier weighted bar grate. This adds some life expectancy and will outlive the original factory material.

We were able to gather enough measurements from what was left on the existing turntable. Our welders and custom fabricators got to work. They designed, cut, and fabricated a much more superior replacement than what the client would have been given from the factory.

Providing Quality & Efficiency

Additionally, our metalwork team was able to complete the project in a single day. It would have taken

several weeks for the customer to go through the factory for the replacement. This kind of efficiency and hands-on holistic approach to custom fabrication allowed this small local business to get back to production with extremely minimal downtime.

Count on Dark Horse & Our Core Values

Every project the Dark Horse Metal Works team takes on is given the time and attention it deserves. We value quality workmanship and will always do things right and do them well. Our reputation is in our work. From the smallest repair to innovative industrial welding projects, you can always guarantee knowledgeable and experienced welding professionals that treat you with respect and provide the highest level of customer service at our disposal.


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