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8 Tips To Help Choose The Best Welder for Your Next Metal Work Project or Repair

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Hiring a person or a company to perform a service for you can be frightening. You are trusting a stranger to hopefully be experienced enough to do the job right and do it well. Often, you need the job to be done well so you can continue on safely with your operations.

Make sure you have considered a few things before you jump head first into hiring someone to do your metal work. We have seen a lot of botched jobs. While some can be entertaining, many can be dangerous. Take the necessary precautions to makes sure you are choosing high quality, knowledgeable workmanship to get your repair or project completed.

Here are some simple go to tips for choosing the right welder for your next custom fabrication project or repair.

  1. Recommendations. Nothing is better than a good word of mouth recommendations. If someone you know and trust has used them, there is a lot of merit in a recommendation. While this isn’t the only thing to consider, it is a good place to start.

  2. Check Reviews. It is amazing how many people don't do their research. I understand, you are busy and just need to get things done. However, taking 60 seconds to do a Google search can really help you out. See if there are any troubling red flags about a company. What are other people saying? Recommendations on public websites can be helpful. Positive reviews often mean that a random person had such a great interaction with someone that they went out of their way to make a review on any one of the public review sites. That is noteworthy.

  3. Previous projects. Much like you are hiring an employee for a position at a job, you should use similar concepts for hiring a welder to perform your needed services. Request to see similar projects they have completed. Past experience should be an important gauge to the quality of work you can expect.

  4. Knowledge. A quality welder will be able to tell you important details about their trade. For example, being up to date on the latest building codes. Nothing say inexperience like building a major home addition like a railing or fencing only to find out it is not up to code and needs to be removed.

  5. Stand by their work. Be sure to hire a fabricator who has trust and faith in their work, but will also step in to fix anything if something were to unnecessarily break. The hope is to find a quality welder who you can return to time and time again.

  6. Insured. Working with high heat, metal, sharp objects, heavy tools is a recipe for potential accidents. Make sure the fabricator or welder you hire isn’t someone operating out of their basement, but an insured, reputable service provider.

  7. Look at Their Websites A quality company is going to be online (website, social media, review sites, etc.) and is going to have invested into the look of their brand. Today's best businesses understand their image online is just as important as their reputation. If a business can't be bothered to invest into their digital brand in 2019 what makes you think they will care about anything beyond your wallet?

  8. Trust your instincts. Knowledge is power, so doing your research is your first line of defense for protecting yourself from poor service, but if it looks and feels wrong, chances are it’s not right.

At the end of the day you want to be able to trust and feel confident in your decision to hire a welder. Whether you are trying to find a professional welding company for a residential, commercial, or industrial metal project, doing a little research can go a long way in helping you make a quality decision that you will be happy with.


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