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Cough and Sneeze Guards That Protect People and Your Brand

From grocery stores to banks. Every establishment is beginning to address their needs and come up with operation plans on how to do business in the COVID-19 world we are living in. Many businesses that have direct human to human contact are going to or already have begun to address the new world hygiene and sanitation concerns to be able to operate. Businesses now have to decide on things like face mask requirements, hand sanitizer stations, cleaning wipes for equipment, and where to erect these coveted Plexiglas barriers we are becoming accustomed to.

There are two priorities. You need to run your business in a professional manner that creates a positive experience for your customers and you need to keep staff and customers protected to the best of your ability. That’s why as you add protective measures to your operation you should pay attention to details. When I check out at a grocery store and I am met by a giant piece of plastic plastered to a counter with masking tape, I don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling. I question the integrity of this barrier and the care that went into this half hazard precautionary measure.

There is still so much to learn about how these infamous aerosol particles can transfer from human to human. When you exert air out in a deep sigh, cough, or sneeze you can send invisible aerosol particles into the air, suspended for someone to intersect. It is unavoidable and something we unfortunately have to consider as we try to reopen the economy and interact with other human beings. The purpose of these barriers you are seeing everywhere is another attempt, along with hand washing and social distancing, to prevent the exchange of particles and prevent the transfer of respiratory disease.

If you are a business owner you have an obligation and an opportunity here to send a message that you are either doing the bare minimum or that you are taking an active role in taking necessary precautions.

Take this movie theater in Dallas for example. The pictures here show black powder coated metal structures with Plexiglas at their concession stands. The structures are screwed into the counter for stability. It not only shows a polished and clean look that fits with their atmosphere as a whole, but it shows that thought and consideration went into how these would be erected. This movie theater is serious about doing its part. These cough and sneeze guards are not taped on. They are there for the long haul and will not be easily knocked over by wear and tear.

Get creative with your protective equipment. Have your logo cut into the metal bases, order gloves with your brand colors, pass out hand sanitizer with your business info on it. Just because we are forced to have to change some of what we do, doesn’t mean we can’t get creative and care about how we go about doing it. To learn more about creating a prototype for custom sneeze and cough guards for your organization, or want to brainstorm unique ways to implement protective barriers at your establishment, contact us here.

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