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Building a Gate to Withstand The Elements in Granbury, TX

When a vehicle accident compromised the integrity of this home's existing fence and gate structure, the homeowner needed a rebuild. There were a few concerns that prevented them from being able to fit into the "fence in a box" type build. We were able to step in and provide them with a type of hands on building experience that is difficult to find in a major retailer store.

  1. The foundation where the posts needed to be erected had flaws. If they wanted a straight, leveled fence structure, we were going to have to do some math.

  2. With the moisture and all of the natural elements that come along with living in Granbury, we had to map out the right materials and the right quality welds so this structure would last for a lifetime.

Without these and some other issues being taken into consideration, the homeowner would find themselves in this same situation far sooner than they had hoped. And it would not be a vehicle taking down the fence, but strong wet winds off the lake, rusting the metal and weakening the structure as a whole.

The following photos and videos are Dark Horse's documentation of this gate's meticulous development meticulous coming to life for a very happy homeowner.

Preparation More important than the actual building of the structure we had to make sure the area was prepped correctly, the right measurements were made, and any unique challenges are taken into consideration. When your foundation is not prepared correctly it can sabotage the integrity of the entire build. Having a welder and fabricator that can help identify any challenges upfront is going to save time and money so everyone.

Making The Right Measurements

The design had an interesting curvature to it that gave it a distinguished appearance. It provides a charming presence to the curb appeal of the home. Making the right measurements was important for the fence and gate to erect correctly and leveled.

Welding In The Shop

The structure itself was built in our Granbury shop. We were able to pay close attention to the welds. Each post and bar is 100% welded to keep moisture from entering and causing corrosion to compromise the weld.

Custom Details

We combined our expertise with the CNC cutter to create a scroll like design and built the address number into the gate to give it a custom design that no other home would have. Small details make a custom built fence like this sing. It is that personalized service you get when you work with a small locally owned business over a large corporate entity.


The finished gate really adds curb appeal to the home, it makes it pop and gives it a distinguished look. The quality of workmanship put into this gate will help it withstand all of the elements in Granbury, TX for many many years!

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