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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Hunting Season

Hunting season is something we look forward to. It fills our freezers and puts real food on our table that we worked hard for. It’s a time to get together with other like-minded friends to enjoy being outdoors, it gives us time away from the grind and constant connection to technology. For us avid outdoorsmen (and women), it’s fun!

So, for the second year now, we have commemorated and kicked-off hunting season, specifically general season for deer hunting here in Texas with a 12-Days of Hunting giveaway. We made 12 hunting inspired items that we revealed one by one for the 12 remaining days leading into deer hunting season. Then we gave them all away to one special person!

These are all of the items we created, and are available for order here at Dark Horse Metal Works. Reach out to us here if you want to order any or the items for your home and to make your hunting season even better!

Happy Hunting!

1. Gambrel. Create your own custom gambrel to hang your game. You can cut your own brand, design or monogram it so everyone knows its yours.

2. Hunting inspired sign. Create your own or order one of our designs. It will make a great addition to any hunting lodge, man cave, or living room!

3. Portable fire ring. When you're camping out, this easy to pack fire ring helps bring the heat after a day in the blind. Cut your own design. Or engrave your name for an added personalized effect.

4. Practice your aim with these BB targets. These can be fun for the kids during the holidays.

5. 3 Texas cutout metal trivets

6. Set of vanity coasters, cutout to resemble a shotgun shell

7. Key ring of metal deer fastened to reclaimed wood.

8. Receiver cover - create your own custom cover for any personality.

9. Dark Horse Metal Works Camo Hat

10. Shotgun wall hooks - metal hooks wrapped in leather to hold or display your favorite shotgun while you sleep!

11. Boot scrapper - Knock and scrape your boots off on a personalized boot scrapper. It's just couteous to knock off that extra mud and muck that comes along fom extra hours spent outdoors.

12. Jalenpeno popper cooking tray

Check out all of our gift ideas for the holidays including these hunting inspired items and much more.

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