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Press Brake Arrives at the Shop in Granbury

We are excited to welcome the arrival of a new piece of equipment that will expand our service capabilities to the area for our clients. Introducing the press brake. Learn more about what a press brake is exactly, and more details about the model you can now find at the Dark Horse Metal Works shop right here in Granbury, TX.

Press Brake Evolution

Press brakes or a brake press is a popular and long-used method of processing metal, commonly steel sheet metal. The technology has evolved over the years, but the original cornice brake was invented in 1882, and much like anything that is first invented, humans will always work on ways to be more efficient and productive. Therefore, by the 1920’s the first powered brake had been invented, and soon thereafter came the hydro-mechanical, hydraulic press brake, and electric press brake.

Modern Press Brakes & Their Purpose

The press brakes of today are made with state-of-the-art technology and systems to bend sheet and plate metal easily to better serve mostly commercial and industrial industries with all kinds of needed parts and components. But, the press brake at a welding shop near you can come in handy for specialized DIY or home projects as well.

Why Is It Called Press Brake

The press brake name is an evolution of terms that came together from old meanings of similar words whose context isn’t as commonly used these days, making the term press brake slightly strange to the average consumer. But in today’s modern fabrication industry the word press is a noun to describe the motion of the machine, think printing press. Then, the word brake is derived from an old verb, breken or break, which is defined as to bend, change direction, or deflect. This defines from a high-level perspective exactly what the press brake or braking press machine does.

Dark Horse Metal Works Press Brake

Our welding shop in Granbury, TX invested in an Amada HRB1003-M15 Hydraulic Press Brake. This is a 110-ton CNC hydraulic press brake with a multi-axis backstop system. This is exciting and ideal because it allows our welding team to serve the needs of the local industrial and commercial business community in Granbury and surrounding communities like Bend, DeCordova, Tolar, Rainbow, Cresson, Godley, Bluff Dale, Glen Rose, Lipan, Cleburne, Aledo, Annetta, Willow Park, Millsap, Weatherford, Walnut Springs, Crowley, and more. With this press brake, we will be able to expand our services to many businesses and industries we wouldn’t have done so otherwise.

Industries & Uses for The Press Brake

There are a variety of commercial and industrial verticals that need services from a press brake near them. This new piece of equipment will be able to bend steel, aluminum, and stainless steel in varying thicknesses, and more. In the beginning, we will be tooling for 10 gauge (1/8") and for 1/4". As needs arise we will bring in more tooling for specific applications.

We are now able to expand our custom fabrication services and offer braking, bending, forming, part production, custom brake work, prototype manufacturing, metal countertops, custom brackets, automotive brackets, fork pockets, pans, vent hoods, pump bases, trailer parts, custom ventilation for ac/heat companies and more.

In combination with our CNC plasma cutting table, we have increased our industrial production capabilities. Our local welding and custom fabrication shop in Granbury is now equipped to provide paper to pallet part production to commercial and industrial customers. Additionally, we can provide these braking services to custom home builders and homeowners.

We are passionate about serving the needs of our commercial and industrial business community. With this addition, we look forward to expanding our already high-quality workmanship to more clients in need of these press braking services.

To learn more about our press brake and braking and bending services click here.

Contact us here directly to discuss questions and concerns. Or request a quote here for your project or repair.


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