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5 Questions to ask When Hiring a Custom fabricator

Custom metal fabrication is an important part of any project, whether it’s a home improvement project or something else entirely. It’s important to choose a custom fabricator that will provide high quality service at a fair price. It's also important to consider certain aspects of any professional service you need to be sure the company you hire will do what's right and look out for the best interest of your project goals. Below are 5 recommended things to question when you consider hiring a custom fabricator for your metal repair or project.

1. Ask About Their Experience

If you were not referred to the company, ask any custom fabricator you're considering working with about how much experience they have with metal fabrication projects like the one you need done. If they haven’t worked on anything similar to yours, then you might not get the results you expect. Investigate more into the experience and projects they have worked on to decide if you're comfortable proceeding with them on your fabrication needs. Most quality, professional fabricators are proud of their work and share it openly on social media and their website.

2. Ask For References

It’s also important to check references from previous clients. A transparent, quality welding and custom fabrication company will likely be willing and happy to have you speak with past customers about their work. If you do check references, ask them if they were satisfied with the work done by that specific custom fabricator. If they weren’t happy or there were concerns it might be a red flag to find another fabricator.

3. Ask About Who They've Worked With & Work With

In conjunction with checking references, also ask about who they've worked with. Check online reviews and ask other people who have used the service. This will help you find out whether the custom fabricator has been reliable in the past.

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4. Ask About Quality

Quality is critical with metal work projects. Often fabrication projects need to be durable and reliable. Make sure that the custom fabricator you choose has a good reputation when it comes to the quality of their workmanship. Ask them how often they evaluate the quality on their work. Also, check if they offer any guarantees on their products.

5. Ask About Their Process

Ask the welding and custom fabrication company you are considering about their process. Most honest businesses are willing to share the process in which they work. This will allow you to understand the timing and set expectations for the project as a whole.

When hiring any kind of professional services, but especially a custom fabrication or professional welder you can protect yourself and your interest by asking questions. Know exactly what you are being provided. Understand the cost, time, materials and any other detail so you have a good understanding about the entire scope of what they company will do and will not do for you.


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