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Wagon Wheel Rustic Gate Restoration That Brings You Back to a Simpler Time

Below are details and photos from an interesting project we collaborated on to help restore a home that is over 100 years old at Comanche Peak. It took experience, trust, and strategy to make sure we did our part to preserve this beautiful place.

The process to restore a century old home’s gates and railings took an intricate attention to detail along with a precise planning and design process. When we were asked to participate in the restoration and build of these gates and railings at this Comanche Peak home in Granbury, we knew we had to take care to make sure the integrity of the history here was well preserved as we worked through the build.

Wagon wheel metal gate restoration at a Comanche Peak home in Granbury, TX. Gate attached to rock fencing.

Wagon Wheel Gates Details

The planning and design on the gates is more complicated than what meets the eye. The gates are attached to old rock. Due to the different shapes and sizes of the rocks we measured and custom built each gate to fit the specs. Despite each gate being different in size, we paid close attention to make them all have uniformity.

Framework for the wagon wheel gates at the Comanche Peak restoration project in Granbury, TX.

The wagon wheels are authentic original wood. Therefore, we had to rearrange logistically how we were going to assemble the final project. The wood could not go through powder coating with the metal work. We used a rust leatherette color on the metal. Stained the wheels. Then, put a lacquer turpentine finish to make sure these antiques would withstand our Texas weather for many more years to come.

Frame work to wagon wheel gates. Wood wagon wheel, metal frame, and ornamental scroll metal detail. Gate is made for Granbury home resotation project in Comanche Peak

Two wagon wheel gates on the Comanche Peak restoration project in Granbury, TX. Metal colored rustic leathertte, wood wheel stained and lacquered.

Each gate is equipped with slam latches and swings 180 degrees for better flow through the entryways. We used the ornamental metal scroll detailing to not only create a more distinguished look, but functionally, it helped with the overall weight of each gate.

One finished wagon wheel gate ready to be installed at the Comanche Peak home being restored in Granbury, TX

Finished wagon wheel gate attached to stone rock fenching in Comanche Peak in Granbury on a home restoration project

wagon wheel gate restored and installed in the front of a Comanche Peak home in Granbury, TX. Gate swings 180 degrees.

Hand Rails Details

The hand rails were designed for the properties staircase. They were designed, built and installed by our professional welders. Intended to match the color and have the same design style as the wagon wheel gates.

In the middle of installing custom hand railings on a restoration project in Granbury Texas in the Comanche Peak area. Hand railings on an old antique wood home.

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