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  • Jill Duran

5 Reasons Why Homeowners Need the Help of an Experienced Welder

If you’ve owned a home you are aware of the array of things that can go wrong or the amount of projects that will arise. A common struggle homeowner’s face is having the experience and correct tools to accomplish things. A welder or custom fabricator can be the perfect sidekick to help you with repairs or creative ideas around the home.

Welders do more than most people think. Especially general welding shops. They often have a vast array of skills and knowledge on common fixes or new projects. There is more to the trade than a man (or woman) and a torch going around soldering things together. An experienced welder can provide incredible knowledge and know-how to design, build, fix, engineer, and make your home projects next level perfection.

An experienced welder views projects from a holistic approach. They consider aspects of the job that most wouldn’t even think about. And they can execute without anyone having to take a trip to the emergency room from a DIY accident.

These are 5 reasons I believe you need and can use a local experienced welder to improve different aspects of your home.

  1. Optimizing Unique Spaces We all have or have seen spaces in a home that make you say “what were they thinking” or “what is supposed to go here?” Many of our homes have these strange spaces where we want to optimize and put furniture or décor but nothing seems to fit the space quite right. Your welder can work with you to craft the perfect piece of furniture or décor so you don’t have to settle for wasted space in your home.

  1. Distinguished Décor We all have our own individual and unique styles that we want to implement and display in our homes. While I appreciate a good Home Goods outing, I like when some of my décor is one of a kind. Monogram your driveway gate, add ornamental metal work to a fence, or wrought iron to create a distinguished look to a railing or front door. A welder can help you craft that personalized home décor that gives your space a homier notable look that stands out.

  1. Not Made in China While a fence in a box works for some, many of us want to build things that will last. A skilled welder will make sure anything that you have repaired or built will be durable and dependable for years. Paying for that handcrafted workmanship is always worth it. Opt for the peace of mind of knowing whatever you are fixing or building will last you a lifetime.

  1. Industrial Farmhouse Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines there is an industrial farmhouse décor craze going on. Welders have been leading the charge on this trend since day one. If you want custom furniture or décor in this style, a welder is the perfect way to accomplish this style.

  1. Holistic View When you work on projects that are personal and close to you it is easy to overlook small but important details. Sometimes you need that objective opinion to help you achieve your end goal in the most effective way. Bringing in a professional that knows how to look at a project with a holistic perspective will lead you to better designs, complete repairs, and projects that will be done right.


Dark Horse Metal Works is located in Granbury, TX and serves much of the surrounding area including the metroplex.


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